Application Away

Last night we submitted our application for adoption with our local agency. A few weeks earlier than we meant to but we felt ready. There was not a lot to this application in comparison to the application for the international agency (which is still incomplete). Technically, we are not a client of the agency until they have approved the application and arranged for us to the pay the application fees. Hopefully we will not be waiting more than a handful of days, however, I am still going to count this as us being “officially” in the process of adopting.

What next? After we get our fees paid with the local agency, we can start gathering the needed documents for the home study and look into taking the training courses online. Also, we’ll get a little bit of needed information for our international application and submit that hopefully next week or the week after.

I’m all of a flutter. Three parts giddy, two parts get-it-done, and a pinch apprehension. I keep checking my email box. Even getting to start the process of adoption seems too amazing to be true. I know I have said before that I have wanted to adopt since I was a child, but to have such a wonderful partner just as invested in raising adopted kids as I am and to have the financial means to do so while being young parents is just the biggest blessing.


As I am typing this, my email pinged. We’re already approved and we can pay! There are tears in my eyes. Yes – I am a crier. There will be many tears through this process, to be sure. Our contact says once they have received our payment, we will be assigned a social worker for home study and be given a list of the documentation needed.

This is happening.