Adoption Voices

An adoptive family’s story does not have one side to it. Their journey is not solely that of the parents’, but also includes the child and the first family. I encourage readers to pause and listen to the whole table. Sometimes what other have to say is hard to hear and disheartening, but by increasing our understanding, it can only build stronger families. I’ve done my best to pick out blogs that are active and provide good food for thought.

Please send recommendations, always happy to add more voices.

Adoptee Voices

The Adopted Life : Angela Tucker is an advocate for adoptee voices, especially those of transracial adoptees. She does a lot of speaking and was also the subject of a documentary about finding birth parents, “Closure.”

The Adopted Ones : Two women’s voices on their own adoptions. Great pieces about the rights of adoptees to know their family medical history.

Blood Red Dust: A fairly new blog written from a Chinese adoptee who is still in school. Her posts are different because her point of view as a teenager is different than most other voices.

Birth Family Voices

My Heart… Forever on my Sleeve : A birth mother who chose adoption and has a very open adoption. She also has information on pumping/shipping milk after the birth.

The Happiest Sad : A birth mom blog that has a great page about what not to say to a birth parent.

Therapy is Expensive : I sort of love the frankness of this birth mom who herself is bi-racial. She’s been in an open adoption for almost a decade.

Adoption in the City : The story of a birth mom in New York who is in an open adoption with a gay couple.

Reflection of a Birth Mother : This wonderful blogger is doing her best to create a supporting community for birth moments and expectant moms considering adoption. Lots of insight and love here.


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