Officially Waiting

As of today, our dossier is officially in the hands of the agency in Johannesburg.


We started this process almost two years. Long talks about what we imagined our future family would look like, our individual concerns regarding adoption, and whether or not we felt up to the many challenges that would soon present themselves just during the process of applying to become adoptive parents, never mind the ups and downs of parenting. And even through all those considerations it had never occurred to use just how much of our energy we would have to put into the paperwork.

I mean, it was just papers, after all.

I could make myself sick from laughing at the naivety. D and I never imagined that it would take more than the four to sixth months we had set aside to get the home study and dossier done. We never imagined that I’d have four different jobs in the space of 12 months, we never imagined that we would get assigned a new social worker midday through our paperwork, we never imagined the grief and anxiety that would come along with losing his dad. Who in their adoption journey would have foreseen needing to plead their case with their social worker, insisting that the best way to help with the grieving process was to continue with the home visits, begging not to allow more delays? Such a thing never crossed our minds.

Fifteen months after putting in our first application with our local agency, we are finally waiting prospective parents. Eight hours ago, the dossier was delivered to the agency that will match us with a little one.

It takes our breath away a bit. As of this month, I believe there are seven or eight families waiting to be matched through our agency here in the states. Every couple of months, two or three families get matched. We are potentially looking at being matched in the spring or summer of next year. It stunned D while we were passing our Halloween candy this year and I mentioned that next year we would not be doing this. Once he realized the implication, he started rattling off potential costumes for the three of us. (It’ll probably be something to do with food, check back next year this time.)

I am so HAPPY to be at this point. So relieved that we don’t have to do any more paperwork… for a long, long time. I’ll probably do a post in the future about what sort of paperwork we can expect with a match, but for the moment, I’m reveling in the fact that there is no longer a need to hunt down a notary, no more driving around four different counties to get documents authenticated for apostilles. D and I can take the time to relax a bit, work on the house (WE GOT NEW WINDOWS) and prep to be awesome, lucky parents to a precious little one.


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