Just a brief update – D and I received our I800-A receipt of approval in the mail yesterday! We are good to go for an adoption for one child between the ages of 0-2 through November of next year~ yay!

What we got in the mail was the not the official form we need to sign and have apostilled. I have since learned that yes, that was the official form. We needed an affidavit, once again, outlining that we agreed the attached copies were true copies of the form from Custom & Immigration. So it was off to the notary’s office… again.

I have contacted our international adoption agency for further guidance, but at this point we are only waiting on THREE things for our dossier:

  • Signed and Apostilled USCIS Approval Form Copy Affidavits
  • Apostilled HR letters for D
  • One last Apostilled Reference Letter from a Friend

Then it’s off to South Africa to wait!


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