Just a brief update – D and I received our I800-A receipt of approval in the mail yesterday! We are good to go for an adoption for one child between the ages of 0-2 through November of next year~ yay!

What we got in the mail was the not the official form we need to sign and have apostilled. I have since learned that¬†yes,¬†that was the official form. We needed an affidavit, once again, outlining that we agreed the attached copies were true copies of the form from Custom & Immigration. So it was off to the notary’s office… again.

I have contacted our international adoption agency for further guidance, but at this point we are only waiting on THREE things for our dossier:

  • Signed and Apostilled USCIS Approval Form Copy Affidavits
  • Apostilled HR letters for D
  • One last Apostilled Reference Letter from a Friend

Then it’s off to South Africa to wait!