And then came the tide.

I knew at one point, I would eventually succumb to the pressure of the paperwork and wait.

That day was last Friday, and I spent a good ten minutes sobbing to our agency director on the phone at my desk during my work break.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had started a new job and interviewed for another. Well – happy news – I got the other job! More pay, more time off that can be spent in country with our future child. All good things!

But. About three weeks ago I had asked my HR department for the LAST piece of the dossier that we have not been able to scrounge up yet: a business reference. For the dossier, it needs to have my name, my position, my hire date, my salary, and prospects for future employment. I needed two copies, on company letterhead, and notarized so I could take it to be apostilled.

To me, it does not seem that difficult a request. Yes, HR uses the Work Number for employment verification, but this is an international adoption and sometimes exceptions need to be made. However, it seems my HR department wants to wipe their hands of anything requiring them to do extra works. For the last three weeks, I have been bounced around, people telling me that Legal was working on it, supervisors needing to approve language… Last Wednesday, I was told it would be ready the next day!

It was not. It was not even ready on Friday. Because I have accepted this new, majorly wonderful job, I knew I was going to be putting my two week’s notice today. I panicked. When HR finds out I am leaving, will they refuse to give me a letter?  Does that mean I need to wait until I start my new job, get my home study redone, and reapply with USCIS? How much would that cost? How long would it take? Would our documents expire again? (<— queue the sobbing panic here)

Our lovely local agency director said she’d speak with our international agency on Monday and I was left to nurse my worry over the weekend. I zipped in today and asked HR desperately for anything, just notarize my offer letter! Nothing doing. I got a long apologetic voicemail and got bumped to yet another person. Who had no idea who I was or what I needed. As of coming home today, I have no business reference.

My international agency director said this should not be too much of a problem, to try to keep getting the letter, but worse come to worse, I’ll get a copy of my offer letter notarized myself, testifying I worked for two and a half months, and a business reference from my new job, who I suspect will not pussy around about it given their excellent organization.

Glad we do not have to update our home study and that there will be no more delays there. Just hoping we can get these apostille done very soon. More good news: we have our appointments for fingerprinting for USCIS next week, which means we’re probably about a month out from getting our final approval for the adoption, yay!

Getting closer to our wait period.


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