Having a Paperwork Fit

Really, the worst part of all this process is the neverending paperwork. Not that is it not worth it at all, but today I am a hair’s breadth away from breaking down into big, wet, messy sobs.

The life insurance paperwork makes no sense to me at all. We have to have life insurance for our international adoption and I am regretting more than ever not going through a financial advisor to secure it. Rather, we did our own research and went through the process, including our medical examinations, only to be faced with a pile of paperwork and a bigger pile of questions. Questions our medical examiner could not answer, even though she was supposed to leave with the paperwork. We kept it to go over with the agent, who still could not answer some of our questions, and now I’m stuck with more questions and we’re so many weeks past when I wanted this done that I am going a little mad with the frustration. I do not even think we are supposed to fill out half these forms because they do not pertain to our term-definite policy, so why are they even in the packet to begin with?

I tried to take a break from the life insurance paperwork to redo all the paperwork for our state and FBI clearances (we got fingerprinted yesterday) and because I am so frazzled, I keep making mistakes and writing in the wrong sections. Thus the near-tears state in which I find myself. Thank goodness I remembered to use a blue pen from the get go (I forgot when we did this the first time around last August), but having to redo these forms constantly makes me tense. Not the way to end what was otherwise a beautiful weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll mail out the paperwork for our clearances and our certified marriage certificates (two copies, again). Lord help me get this lady at the insurance company on the phone first thing in the morning.


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