Sudden Setback

Still rocking this cold, the result of winter having its last laugh. D has it now, too. We’re both attempting to telework while medicating ourselves silly. The worst of it seems to be the morning hours, after waking with the dry throat. Then we get to transition into the evening which is coughing fits.

Just as well that our home study tour has been pushed back by a few days. That is right – pushed back, again. This is probably the only time I will be a little grateful for it. I really do not want to be parading our social worker around my house with a mask on and trying to answer questions about our training and knowledge of adoption issues while trying not to hack up a lung. Still, even thinking the word “delay” is making me super mopey about all the obstacles this first phase has undertaken.

As for how this happened, it is paperwork problem. Part of our dossier is a medical checklist that we have to go over with a pediatrician. The checklist is extensive and its for the agency in Joburg to help match us with a child. We have to determine what sort of medical needs we feel capable of caring for – that entails costs, time, etc. Not to mention always seeing your child sick can be an emotional and mental toll on the whole family. D and I are considering special medical needs, so this is a very important meeting.

The only problem is, it needed to be done BEFORE our home study was over. After we do the consultation, we need to go over with our social worker as well. Unfortunately, D and I thought this was part of the dossier process only and had not gotten it done.

Luckily for us, our social worker mentioned it was missing from our paperwork and straightened us out before she showed up and we had nothing to go over. I have spent the better part of today calling around to pediatric practices across our side of the city trying to get a consultation. I used websites, recommendations on forums. Some practices were very confused about what I was looking for – some refused to do the consultation. Other were willing, but were trying to call it a “pre-natal” appointment. Hmm. A few offices could meet with us, but at terrible times that D and I could not really arrange for given our work schedules. I almost wanted to cry with exhaustion.

BUT. But, yay, hoorah, I found a practice that would not only meet with us tomorrow in the morning (win!) but also had a lower consulting fee than other practices (win!) and is very experienced in pediatrics for international adoptive children (WIN!). That made up for the hours of calling around and waiting on hold. Now I just need to fix my printer so I can print off these forms…

This week is BUSY and I still have no time to be sick. Doctor and class tomorrow, life insurance medical evaluations, a home tour this weekend. I need more zinc and more soup.


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