Spring Fever

The spring season is upon us.

I am so eager for the rain, warmer weather, and fresh buds poking through the soil. Not so happy about the cold I caught while we were visiting family for a cultural new year celebration back in the Midwest. It kept me under the weather these last few days, but D and I still got to enjoy the pleasure of little kiddos running about with all the joy of presents and people to pay attention to them. Watching D observe the littles as they ran in circles through my mother’s house and attempted to kiss the New Year goldfish warmed my heart. His eyes just lit up. Granted, these kids are amazingly awesome children, very polite, happy, and listen pretty well to their parents. But it is still fun to imagine the heavy pitter-patter of small feet in our own home some day soon for the Persian holiday. My only regret is that I forgot to request a session of family photos for our dossier to South Africa.

We are home now, and I am still recovering from this nasty cold. Not a lot of time to do so because I have to be back to work tomorrow, have the home study tour this week, in addition to having our medical exams for our life insurance coverage. Gonna be a busy, busy week. D cannot help too much as he is preparing to leave country for his work for a few weeks (and again a few weeks after that, and again a few weeks after that). It seems the adoption process may drag on a bit a longer. We will soldier on and redo any of the paperwork the social worker may think needs refreshing since last fall.

I am also applying to jobs like never before, since we are getting closer and closer to the end of my position with my university (that AND graduation, whoo hoo). At least if the dossier phase drags a bit, I may be able to supply an employment letter from a new job which will bolster our financial stability. So much to do, so little time. Can’t let this cold slow me down!


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