Home Study Hullabaloo

One recommendation I do have for anyone thinking about going through the adoption process in the future is that you will have to let go of your established timelimes. If you are an obssessive scheduler like me, this will make you break down on occasion. Or maybe more frequently.

I have said before on this blog that I had expected to be done with this portion of our adoption process so many, many months ago. Seven weeks earlier I was telling myself there was absolutely no way we would not be done with our home study by early January and working on our international dossier.

I laugh to keep from crying at my continued naivety.

Due to our own fault, we were reassigned a social worker. We basically dragged out our paperwork for too long – however good our intentions were – and our previous social worker finished out her contract at the end of last year. So, we are now meeting with someone completely new this Wednesday who no longer has some of the background information on our current work situation and is not aware of how much research we did even prior to starting the process. The awkwardness is all over the place, at least to me, and so it’ll be bad enough as I rush home from class to scramble to meet this stranger in my own, not-quite-clean home for the first time.

I, for one, am on edge. D is also a little on edge about this, but there are other, more pressing issues at hand right now that is taking up a great deal of our emotional capacity that cannot be shared via this blog. I simply ask for lots of good thoughts and prayers for us this week out there in adoption land! When the interviews are over, I’ll post a review of how it went.

And maybe finally get around to looping you all in on some things that went down over this portion of the process.


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