Webinar Week

D and I have a lot of webinars on our plate this week. We got invitations to a whole slew of webinars (by slew, I mean three) from our international agency, two regarding the South Africa program itself as well as another introducing their new financial coach. We are intrigued and hopeful about the latter webinar, as we are currently trying to figure out what questions we need to be asking while shopping around for life insurance (must have enough life insurance to cover a full year’s salary for the highest earner in the family, but we want a little more than that).

So, we’ve only attended one so far this week, with two more on Monday and Tuesday. They’re all in the evening, so we have to try to beat traffic and grab dinner to settle down to listen for an hour. The one this past Thursday was a more in-depth history of the program and the child welfare agency in Johannesburg. All it all, it reaffirmed our choice of working with this particular agency – although no child who has spent time in foster or welfare care comes away without some type of hurt or loss, the particular programs they have put in place, not only to help children in South Africa but families as well, is heartening.

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Wait, what month is it?

I am still trying to process the fact that it is now December. It cannot possibly be five months since we officially started our adoption process.

Except that it is. To tell the truth, I thought we would be done with our home study by now. That our house would be entirely fixed up, waiting on approval from USCIS and working on our dossier. That maybe, maybe we’d even be waiting for a match around this time. I dunno if it was the prospect of being able to build my family through adoption or life in general that made me so naive, but here we are. Waiting for an electrician to fix up our out-of-date fire alarms so we can pass the fire safety inspection and get on to this home study. Seriously, folks. I am so ready to move on to the next step.

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