Paperwork Procrastination

Gonna be honest and admit that we have done pretty much squat for the adoption since our training a few weekends ago.

I am torn between being frustated with our lack of progress and giving ourselves a break.

From the beginning, we knew it would be a lot of paperwork. Really. I mean, even after our home study is done, there is even more paperwork for the international dossier – we received that paperwork yesterday. For now, all I will mention with regards to the dossier is that the government of South Africa makes you jump through all the hoops.

All of them.

We are in no way resentful about the work that goes into adoption. Those hoops I just mentioned? There could be a line of hoops on fire at this point and we would dive through it. And ask if we needed to do it again. That is how we are feeling – tired physically but in no way emotionally. I hope that is how we feel through the whole of the process. That each and every step we take brings us that much closer, no matter how small or how difficult.

So… Checklist Check-in! We officially have all our paperwork, so here is next steps.


  • Physician Report – Appointment Made
  • Fire & Safety Inspection
  • Autobiographies
  • Last Two Interviews

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

  • Form I-800 A – 2 to 4 months for processing

I haven’t listed everything needed for the South Africa dossier because I want to go into that in more detail once we’re closer to it. We are going to be working on the paperwork for the dossier while waiting for adoption approval from USCIS. There’s a lot that goes into it and a lot of that is because it is a Hague Convention country – also more info on Hague adoptions in the future. For now, the process is easier if we focus on the next few steps.



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