What Holiday?

Labor Day is tomorrow. Most folks around us are gearing up to attend festivals, go to pool parties and barbecues. Wish we could say the same, but we have dedicated this weekend to a labor of love instead.

We have spent the whole of the last two days indoors working on the basement that we still have not finished. We have most of the basement painted. Our special-order flooring will go down starting tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on our energy. All the physical labor is beginning to wear us down, but as we get closer to finishing our paperwork and thus closer to our home study, we need to buckle down.

When you are adopting, you obsess about how perfect your house needs to be for someone to allow you to bring a child into your home. Are they going to look at my dingy baseboard? Just how much dust is acceptable? Should the social worker be able to detect the scent of organic disinfectants like citrus and vinegar? I am already overly bad about obsessively cleaning before guests come over. D had learned after five years of living together that the two hours prior to a visit, I am going to be bustling about like the Tasmanian devil putting things away and wiping down every surface in reach. The 24 hours before our home study will be interesting, but I’m sure D will survive my madness.

On the adoption side of things, here is what we have left to do before the home study:

  • Income Statements
  • Adoption Training (10 hours needed. We are scheduled for a class in a week or so.)
  • Fire and Safety Inspection
  • Autobiographies
  • Physician’s Report

All in all, not that much left. Sort of scary. We are waiting on our driving records and background clearances, but that is out of our hands. We are waiting to visit our PCP because our international agency told us they also need a physical report for the dossier separate from the one for the home study. They plan on sending that to us soon, so once we have both, then we will make an appointment.

In recent news, we were officially approved by our international agency on Thursday! I had a great talk with our contact and he shared a lot of information with me about the program they have in South Africa. I plan on making a longer post soon about adoption in South Africa specifically as I get more information, so keep an eye out on that.

Cheers and wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



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