Slow but Steady

We are slowly making our way through the pile of forms that we have to complete before the rest of our home study meetings can proceed.

My hand is currently cramping from filling out twelve pages of clearance forms with all our personal information in blue ink. I did email our local agency a few questions to clarify that we understood what to do with each type of form. As far as I know, one form just needs to be signed and sent in. Another need to be notarized (thus finding a notary and signing in front of them) and sent in. And the last forms all need to be taken in to a LiveScan location to get our fingerprints done for state and FBI background checks. The last batch also seems to be the only portion that requires we pay fees to a third-party and not the local agency. Also put in our requests for our complete driving records; these must be certified and cost us about $25 total.

The rest of it is mostly done. We have fire and safety inspections that will need to be done after we finish redoing the basement and a few more minor repairs. There is also still 10 hours of international adoption training that we need to complete. The longest bit of paperwork is turning out to be the autobiography we both must write. For D, who is very much an introvert, the exercise is a little too personal and awkward. I like to write, but even for me, six pages about my entire life is tiring. Just trying to do a little by little and hopefully we will both be finished by the time every other bit of work and training is complete.

There are some other changes going on in our household currently affecting our adoption process that I am not yet at leave to discuss. But I do plan on writing about how we navigated the issue and the advice we were given by our social worker.

Last bit of news – we finally heard back from the international adoption agency and they’re ready to start talking to us about the process on their end. It is all slowly coming together!


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