New Level Unlocked: Home Study

We were assigned our social worker a week after we submitted our application for adoption with the local agency. The list of documentation needed has also been unlocked for us to work on. According to the agency, our social worker will be contacting us soon for a first meeting and to go over the paperwork with us to make sure we understand the disclosure and the process for inspections, etc. Seems simple enough, right? I hope so.

The schedule, we have been told, is that after our first meeting we will need to complete our documentation before we are scheduled for our second and third home studies with the social worker. At that time, we will also be paying our home study fee. The only question I have here, which hopefully will be answered in the first meeting, is whether we just need to finish our part of the paperwork or whether all of the paperwork must be completed in full (meaning paperwork with the county, CPS, FBI, and other third parties).

Brief list of what we have been given to work on

  • Child Protective Clearances (State Police, FBI, and another CPS agency in Europe due to a study abroad)
  • Personal Documents (Birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.)
  • Extended Family Information
  • Physician’s Report
  • Statement of Net Worth
  • State Motor Vehicle Records
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan (In case of natural disasters, etc. requiring evacuation)
  • Home Safety Checklist
    • Fire Safety Report (Done by local fire department)
    • Sanitation Report (Done by local county government)
  • Guardianship Statement (In case of our passing)
  • References (Three references required)
  • Autobiographies
  • Miscellaneous Disclosures

Because we are adopting from a Hague Country, a great deal of our documentation needs to be notarized. Getting the paperwork notarized is not as daunting as it seems. We will have to find a post office or library that has notary service and sign our documentation in front of the notary. This generally costs $3-$5 dollars per notarization. This will probably add up but we have set aside money for this sort of paperwork. Our references will also have to have their paperwork notarized.

Almost anything we have to fill out on paper vs. an electronic signature needs to be done in blue pen. As I know I only have black pens, that means a trip out tonight to pick some up while I do groceries. Should I get a special one for the paperwork? I’m a little tempted.

am feeling a little overwhelmed, not going to lie. Mostly because it seems like there is so much to do. But a lot of this is easy enough to fill out. The fire and sanitary inspections are probably going to weigh the heaviest on my mind. The man who owned our home before we bought it two years ago did not care of it well. I’m worried they might find something wrong we may have missed. Though we passed our home inspection at purchase, so we should be fine. Right?

We also completed and turned in our international application earlier this week. They’ve confirmed receipt and said they’ll most likely be in contact sometime next week. That application was a little more daunting. More questions, more information wanted up front. As for what sort of extra paperwork we’ll be doing for the dossier, I am not sure. More information will be posted as we get it.

So, yeah. D and I are both now officially in the process of adopting. We’re in! We’re doing paperwork. Preparing for home studies and inspections. Probably going to start working even more intensely on the house and on our future little one’s room. Exciting, exhilarating, exhausting. But so worth it.



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