The Intent to Adopt

Our application is not yet completed. The townhouse is not quite ready for a home study inspection. Even so, we have spent a good year considering our resources and preparing our hearts to bring a little person into our family. We are just a month or two away from starting the paperwork required to begin our adoption process. I felt this was the best time to finally start writing about our journey so that others can get a look into what is a confusing and complex way to build a family and as a way to process our experiences along the way.

I hope that others going through the process or considering expanding their families through adoption may find this blog as a place where they can share their own thoughts and ask questions. While I may not go into specifics, as I also intend to do my best to protect my family’s identity, I will endeavor to provide more information on the paperwork, costs, and research that goes in to making informed decisions about adoption.



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